A few references from scientists…


Having seen a synopsis of Illuminations, your Art/Science portraiture project, I wish to express my support for it. Aside from its artistic merit, I believe the core purpose of extolling the work of scientists is to be applauded. I wish you the best of luck with it, and commend it to anyone who may be interested in becoming involved.

Prof. Sir Gustav Nossal


Thank you for alerting me to your Illuminations art project that by undertaking a series of portraits of Australian Scientists aims to acknowledge the importance of science in our world. Your approach of showing the scientists individually with eyes closed and holding the essence of their work in their hands is unique and quite compelling. The project fills an important gap in public appreciation and admiration of science. This is a gap that within the Learned Academies we continue to address in an effort to stem the tide of irrational debate that surrounds so many issues in our society, from climate matters to food security and even the irrationality around nutrition and our epidemic of obesity. Bridging the cultural divide is not just the C.P.Snow clash of science to the humanities; today it is simply science to wider society. I therefore wish you well in your endeavours and strongly endorse the project. Let me know if you need any assistance to put you in touch with Australia’s leading scientists. Good luck .


The concept of bringing art and science together is not a new one, with many saying the works of da Vinci in the 15th century really paved the way for a long term relationship between the two broad disciplines.  Into the latter half of the 20th Century, strong links between man-made and natural architectures with the beauty of science as portraits in chemical and biological systems have been used to define new and complex areas to wider audiences.  Into the 21st century, and with governments and society placing science under the microscope in areas such as health, sustainability and climate change, comes a real opportunity to articulate the wonders and impact of science in illuminating ways.

Your project, illuminations, is therefore timely.  The introspective view displayed through the pose of the scientists you portray is a strong image of thought, deliberation and nurture. The illumination of their research subjects quickly draws attention to that aspect which is the focal point of their world.  The images are accurate and accentuated to form fascinating pieces.

I was so taken by the project, that myself and a few of my colleagues took part as subjects and we were all very pleased with the outcome.  The process, for my part, took 15 min and was quite enjoyable as you delved deeper into our science and its direction.  As you have a mathematical background it does makes the inquiry and outcome all that more special.  I would encourage others to take part in this project.

Prof. Steven Langford